Stuart Vener

Great way to give you more variety for your radio shows without having to search for new guests.

Francesca Luca

I have enjoyed many guests provided by this service. GREAT way to secure sophisticated, well rounded and intelligent guests.

Francesca Luca
Talk With Francesca

Nate Maughan

Hey there, your site and services are unparalleled.

I can't begin to describe the value of this website and the wonderful people from the creators of the site to the experts and guests themselves.

I'm happy to report that will be a show sponsor for TTR Unleashed on Friday nights on, The Planet. Thank you endlessly for these connections and services.

We're gonna show some love and appreciation to you al beginning tonight at 6pm MST/8pm EST !!!

Steve Kovacs from The Kovacs Perspective

Outstanding service--great idea, thanks for putting this together...

Brian Sullivan, Host of “The Entrepreneurial Moment” on HotTalk 1510 AM

This service has been perhaps the biggest time saver of my workweek.

Me and my producer used to struggle getting good guests but since posting our show on, we not only are saving time, we are getting five star guests. In fact, our show is now booked out for months!

That doesn’t happen without this amazing service!

Coach Andrew Poretz

I submitted a query for my Coaches' Corner show last week, thinking, eh, I'll be lucky to get one or two replies.

Today the query posted right in my e-mail, and within minutes, my in-box was flooded with inquiries from coaches, authors and agents, nearly all of them desirable guests for my show. One even wants me to be on his show!

Just yesterday I told a friend considering her own show that the only part of podcasting I haven't found enjoyable was finding guests. I'm beyond ecstatic and have already let my Facebook friends and Twitter followers know all about this great service.

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