Rodney Mathers

What a great service! Thank you very much for pointing guests in my direction.

kevin mcdonald

I Highly recommend this service! Sometimes it is hard to research and find great guests, this makes it easy! Keep up the good work!

Mike Tarnow

We have contacted 2 people to interview on our podcast from this platform and they have been perfect! Funny, engaging. I would highly recommend this to my fellow podcasters.


I must say the caliber of guests we have had on our show are very professional and have wonderful stories. Thanks Radio Guest List for introducing us to some new friends and connections.


I am astonished at how well this service has worked for my podcast show! I have gotten 10+ interviews booked on my show within 2 weeks
and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to use this service. By using I have been able talk to and interact with some amazing people on my podcast and for this I am very thankful. Thank you Scott Fox for such an amazing book in Click Millionaires and helping me find this service 10/10!!!

Karina Kantas

Many thanks for posting about my guest request for my show Author Assist I have been loaded down with requests. Of course, some don't fit, but I'm booked up for months now.
So pleased and thankful

Karina Kantas - Author Assist Radio Show

Doug Gulbrandsen

This service has been amazing for my radio show, Dr. Doug & Friends Radio - InspireVision. I have had numerous guest requests, and fantastic interviews. Each guest has offered amazing insights for my listeners.
Thank you for such a great service!


Excellent way to locate additional guests for our podcast.

Melisa Ruscsak

i use this site whenever i can. Booking is super easy and the ones seeking to be interviewed know exactly what to expect

Terri Levine

I have been using this service for years and I have my clients use it as well and I get ALL my guests here and I LOVE it! Perfect matches.

Sheldon Baker

As guest producer for LiveForeverish, we are always looking for health professionals and authors to provide expertise on our podasts. We have interviewed some folks and keep many in our contact list for future health topic broadcasts. Good service!

Catherine Cohen

We have gotten guests for our podcasts and had the privilege of being guests on other podcasts. This is a great community.

Nadia Sahari

I host The Nadia Sahari Show, now in its tenth year of podcasting. I love interviewing guests from a variety of careers. We learn from each other something we never knew. The service and great selection of guests from Radio Guest List is fabulous. Saves me a lot of valuable time. It’s wonderful to have this type of service. It’s the best!

Floyd Saunders

Radio Guest List has provided our radio show and podcast some great options for guests. I have booked several guests, and we provide our interview guests a great opportunity for promotion as we include information about their interview on our website, newsletter, blog posts, social media etc. Each interview on the radio is aired at least once and is available as a live stream as well as locally. After the radio show airs, each interview becomes a podcast which is included in all of the major podcast directories for national exposure. Host for Saunders and Cash, Talking business and technology from the ICT. .


WE LOVE This Service! Greatest guests ever!

Terri Levine

Great service! I get all my guests from here.

Marina Maria

You are efficient and reliable and deeply appreciated!

Dave Jaeger

Seriously, this is a great service and they helped me land more than enough interviews for my new podcast!

Support these guys because this is a great service!

Thanks :)

Dave J.


This service continues to be awesome to us. We have been able to kickstart our podcast in the early years with awesome content and build an audience using FindRadioGuests. The guests have been great and business was consistent in the years past. Thank you again Transform U! Media Broadcast Network.


Great service, easy to use. Had great experience with the experts that I've booked. Thanks for your service!

Stephanie Miller

Thank you for your service! I've been able to interview quality guests for many of my shows.

Shalanda Tookes Wilder

I had only two guests on my brand new, weekly podcast. I made a goal to schedule enough guests for the next six months. I decided to take advantage of this free service since it was not only free, but quicker than me emailing people individually. On Monday morning (less than a week after submission) I had over 25 messages inundate my inbox. I met my goal in a day and everyday I still get about 2 new guest requests.

Kevin Sisco

This is a great service. Thanks to you I am now connected with some of the top professionals as well as there agents. You really helped put me on the map!

Mari Mitchell

A great source of very qualified guests. I so appreciate this service and highly recommend it to anyone looking for radio show guests.
Mari Mitchell

Tyhson Banighen

Thank you for your service which helps me find quality guests for my show

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