Virginia Bartol

This is a top-notch site and service! We at WMAP Radio love RadioGuestList, and have connected with many amazing people using this service.


Radio Guest List provides a wonderful service for show hosts and podcast hosts, as well as for those looking to become a guest. The diverse shows and skill sets and knowledge of the guests makes for very productive, enlightening, and informative programs. The great work and initiative of those at RGL needs to be lauded, yet the world wide audience for RGL needs to grow massively - we as hosts need to post post post and guests can do so too. Each helping the other. That's how life needs to be. Thank you. Diana Todd-Banks Host for Mature Preneurs Talk.

Cynthia MacGregor

I was already aware of your service because I had been using it to secure bookings for myself as an author, so when I was asked to take over as host of an existing podcast (Crimson Cloak Publishing's "In the Spotlight"), I naturally posted a listing on your service, seeking guests. WOW! I was OVERWHELMED with over 100 responses --and they're still coming in today (Thursday)--the post appeared Monday. So far I've had ZERO off-topic or spammer emails, just waaaay more prospective interviewees than I can possibly get on the show. If I have any complaints at all (and I don't, really), it's that it's been difficult getting to my REAL work with all these inquiries coming in. Your service certainly delivers!

Mike P

I love this service! Great guests and speedy response!

Tiffany Isaacson

We have been posting with Radio Guest List now for almost two years. We are incredibly grateful for the exceptional leads and guests we have had from this site. We currently average 15,000 downloads per month and we are heard in 95 countries around the world, This success would not have been possible without this service. If you are looking for dynamic, thought-provoking guests, you have come to the right place!

Stacy Brookman

I always get lots of great guests when I post on Find Radio Guests! Appreciate the service!

Mozelle Martin

LOVE YOUR SERVICES!! Been using them since 2007. Wouldn't go anywhere else than #RadioGuestList <3

Dave Negri

What a tremendous service, I’ve had the opportunity to have top quality guest on my podcast Contractors Secret Weapon and always recommend the service to other podcasters I know

Dave Negri

Gary Anderson

This service is the best thing I ever did as a host of Night Dreams Talk Radio and Motorcycle Talk Radio ..Gary Anderson

Robert Sharpe

RadioGuestList is an excellent source of high quality guests for radio and podcasts. Their re-post form is easy and simple to use. I love the service!


Radio Guest List makes the task of seeking qualified interesting guests so easy. I've been registered on this site for years, but only now have I started doing Podcasts. Within 36 hours of my request going live more guests than I ever expected made contact and my area is quite specific. You guys do a brilliant job, provide a brilliant service and you've gained many loyal followers that will last for a mighty long time. You can count me in.

Thank you. Diana in Australia

Dr. Zoe Shaw

Without this service, I would probably not have a podcast today. I launched my podcast not really knowing anything about podcasting, but I was able to create a wonderful platform, meeting many amazing, interesting and even celebrity guests through this service. Thank you so much!

Stacy Brookman

Wow! With just one post I received well over a hundred qualified guests. I was pleasantly overwhelmed. What a great problem to have. So thankful for this service!

Rick Nuske

Thank you for providing this great service. It's a game changer!

Rick Nuske

Douglas Coleman

We have used this page several times and have always found interesting guests for our show. Great job.


I have got to say this is the best service I have found for podcast guests! I have booked quality guests from this site. Very impressed!

Linda DIane Wattley

Heaven sent is how I describe this amazing service. I am so appreciative of it because it lets me know I am not alone in achieving my goals to have a guest once a week. I have been able to interview some wonderful people. The connections are awesome! The selections are endless and allows you to choose people to interview and if you want to be interviewed, you find the right platform that fits your purpose. Thank you so much for such a wonderful service.

Gina Bengtson

Hello I am Gina Bengtson from Second Sight Radio. Being newer to the site, I have found numerous guests for our show! It has been great and easy to use! Thank you very much and I will continue to use this site!

Lem Lewis

Have had a very good experience and obtained several new guests. Thank You!

Bev Roberts, host of the "Living Fabulously with Bev" podcast

As a result of my call out for guests I have filled my schedule with some amazing experts in the wellbeing field. You are providing a valuable service both for those who want to share their expertise AND for people like me looking for top quality guests. It's win win! I've been sharing your link with my peers as a key source of guests because of the great experience,

Clarissa Burt

Love, Love, Love! They've suggested great guests for my show radio show on and WorldTalkRadio. Keep 'em comin'!!

Segilola Salami

I've been using this site since I started my podcast The Segilola Salami Show. It has been instrumental in me getting new guests for the show consistently. I recommend that every podcast host gives them a try too.

Jacob Pyle

This site has been a big help for me in booking special guests for my podcast!

Crystal M.

Awesome source for finding amazing guests! Looking for podcast guests is just much easier when you have a list sent to your e-mail with background info and contact links available. Our show is about to release a new book and coaching classes so I already know to utilize and for publicizing and getting the word out to other great networks!

Britany Felix

I'm active in multiple podcasting Facebook groups and I have a podcast editing/production company. This is ALWAYS my #1 recommendation whenever anyone asks how they can find guests for their show. My show has been going for over a year and some of the best guests I've ever had were thanks to your service.

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