Great service, easy to use. Had great experience with the experts that I've booked. Thanks for your service!

Stephanie Miller

Thank you for your service! I've been able to interview quality guests for many of my shows.

Shalanda Tookes Wilder

I had only two guests on my brand new, weekly podcast. I made a goal to schedule enough guests for the next six months. I decided to take advantage of this free service since it was not only free, but quicker than me emailing people individually. On Monday morning (less than a week after submission) I had over 25 messages inundate my inbox. I met my goal in a day and everyday I still get about 2 new guest requests.

Kevin Sisco

This is a great service. Thanks to you I am now connected with some of the top professionals as well as there agents. You really helped put me on the map!

Mari Mitchell

A great source of very qualified guests. I so appreciate this service and highly recommend it to anyone looking for radio show guests.
Mari Mitchell

Tyhson Banighen

Thank you for your service which helps me find quality guests for my show

Dr. P

Always coming thru with great guests! Thanks for your efforts!

Derek Grosskurth

I Love Radio Guest List. My Podcast Fills Up With Guests A Month Ahead Thank To This FREE Service! Thank You!

Ronald Russell Farnham

Find Radio Guests has truly been working for me. I get the emails about guest requests and I apply to the shows I am a fit for and I do interviews and it leads to book sales and movie sales of my stuff. I like it. I highly recommend it.

Tamala Jenise Coleman

I have been using this website for a few months now. I am amazed at the guests and the informative things that have come across. I'm truly loving it and I will continue to share this with others. Also to use this platform to share my stories with as well.

Dj Big Stew

Keep Up The Good work You Guys do Great Guests Right To My email

Linda Boardman

Always get lots of great guests! And it's hard in the paranormal! Thanks guys!

Terri Levine

I have been using this service for my radio show Heart-repreneur® radio and have had amazing guests and great interviews. I am a huge fan and thank you for providing this free service bringing interviewers together with interviewees.

Michael Francis Brooks

Hello, I host CLIMBTALK the radio show on Radio1190 AM/FM at the University of Colorado Boulder. I have the
only climbing radio show in the world. People line up to be a guest on my show. I've be on the Air for ten years; yeah, I've paid my dues.
But if you're just starting out or you want to grow in the broadcast/podcast business. is, by far
and away, the VERY BEST source of content/potential guests on the internet today.


Top notch service, I've found dozens of guests for my bosses weekly radio show!


As a podcast producer for several podcasts, this service has been an absolute game changer for me. It offers value for my clients and has helped up level those show. Great guests come straight to my inbox and I can forward them along to podcast hosts easily. I recommend this service for any podcaster needing find guests and broaden their show. The quality of the guests has been incredible!

Terri Levine

My podcast has become popular because of the great guests I get through this service. I give them an A plus, plus and strongly recommend this service to all podcasters I mentor.

Liam Mulligan

We are based int he UK and we have so many great guests who have come on our show. A great service!

Virginia Bartol

This is a top-notch site and service! We at WMAP Radio love RadioGuestList, and have connected with many amazing people using this service.


Radio Guest List provides a wonderful service for show hosts and podcast hosts, as well as for those looking to become a guest. The diverse shows and skill sets and knowledge of the guests makes for very productive, enlightening, and informative programs. The great work and initiative of those at RGL needs to be lauded, yet the world wide audience for RGL needs to grow massively - we as hosts need to post post post and guests can do so too. Each helping the other. That's how life needs to be. Thank you. Diana Todd-Banks Host for Mature Preneurs Talk.

Cynthia MacGregor

I was already aware of your service because I had been using it to secure bookings for myself as an author, so when I was asked to take over as host of an existing podcast (Crimson Cloak Publishing's "In the Spotlight"), I naturally posted a listing on your service, seeking guests. WOW! I was OVERWHELMED with over 100 responses --and they're still coming in today (Thursday)--the post appeared Monday. So far I've had ZERO off-topic or spammer emails, just waaaay more prospective interviewees than I can possibly get on the show. If I have any complaints at all (and I don't, really), it's that it's been difficult getting to my REAL work with all these inquiries coming in. Your service certainly delivers!

Mike P

I love this service! Great guests and speedy response!

Tiffany Isaacson

We have been posting with Radio Guest List now for almost two years. We are incredibly grateful for the exceptional leads and guests we have had from this site. We currently average 15,000 downloads per month and we are heard in 95 countries around the world, This success would not have been possible without this service. If you are looking for dynamic, thought-provoking guests, you have come to the right place!

Stacy Brookman

I always get lots of great guests when I post on Find Radio Guests! Appreciate the service!

Mozelle Martin

LOVE YOUR SERVICES!! Been using them since 2007. Wouldn't go anywhere else than #RadioGuestList <3

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