Rebecca L. Mahan

I utilize your service when seeking quality guests for my show and when helping with other shows. Your services extend on so many levels to support successful radio, podcast and tv shows, as well as providing your guest with great opportunities!

Anthony Muiruri

The success of Book Talk show is because of guests I got and continue to get from radioguestlist. Thank you very much for offering us such an important and effective service. More success to you.

Holly berry

Your service works great! We are having great results obtaining guests to interview. Thank you!

Teresa Greco

I was able to find all my guests for my show. It's a great service to use.

Randi-Lee Bowslaugh

This service gave me the confidence to continue with my show as I was scared about finding guests.

John Morgan

Radio Guest list is a great site that we use often and have always found wonderful guests for our show.

Jennifer Vanderslice

Haven't found a better service than for finding guests for my podcast!

Mark M. Bello

Great place to find podcasts looking for guests and guests look for podcasts. Almost every one of my podcast experiences have been located here. And now, because of Radio Guests, I'm starting my own podcast.

kevin mcdonald

This is a great help in keeping my roster full of great guests! I booed as many as 10 per week!

Asyraaf Fero

This website has helped me booked more guests than ever! All I need to do is fill out a form and just one click of a button, I'd get 7-10 guests afterwards. Really recommend it for any podcasters!

Kuintrice Crawford

I am so excited for this service is just what I needed to help my talk show become successful

Ann Wooten-Taylor

This is a phenomenal service! I’m looking forward to speaking with exciting new guests.

Andrew Peacher

This is a great platform for great guests its free and low cost and the enjoyment from a interview is out of this world.

Sherre Bishop

Love, love this resource. When my intern was no longer available, I I had to work shows from home due to the pandemic, booking shows was a major weight. Not only does provide excellent interview options, the bios provided share insight on how a a guests can fit for various topics. Love. love this resource! Did I say that already? Geez, I want to be on this radio guests list!

Alicia Cramer

Personally used this service multiple times, and referred my clients to it over the past several years. It is a great resource for connecting with qualified guest speakers.

Casey Bell

Find Radio Guests is a free service I use to find guests for my interview shows. I have many of them and speak to different people of all walks of life, and Find Radio Guests always has what I need.

Darius Norman

The Radio Guest List is the best service that for could ever be of service for me and any other radio host ever.

Brian Shepard

I love this service, I have met so many guests who I just had to have back on my show many times. I have also made many friends! You guys rock!!

Karyn Beach

I love Radio Guest List. I use it a few times a year and get a ton of high-quality great guests. I have recommended it to other podcasters as well. Amazing service!

Austin Carr

Find radio guests is a genius way to make a difficult process simple easy and effective!

Malcolm Gallagher

I'm commenting again which is a first for me! As anchor host of 8 TV Channels & 4 podcasts at award-winning we have a huge capacity for guests and search the world for the right ones for our viewers & listeners. I have to honestly tell you that the greater percentage of our past guests and those in the pipeline come from Experts like @Brian Bergford @ElizabethPampalone should all be on your guest list and you'll find them via FindRadioGuests!! I think though that what really defines the quality of the guests we get from the site is the high percentage of repeat bookings we do with those guests. Surely that speaks volumes, or is it words??!!

Doug Foresta

Find Radio Guests is such a great service, I've used it many times and connected with amazing creative people. I highly recommend it!

Bernadette Boas is a great resource for those hosting or managing podcasts and radio shows to find expert guests that fit the exact profile of my show. Thank you for the great work and resources you provide.

Jennifer Vanderslice

I always find the best and most unique guests for my podcast by using!

Caramel Lucas

This is an excellent service. This is only my second time using this service and I have interviewed great guests from this service.

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