Bertrand Ngampa

It is crazy!!! One email blast had my schedule so jam packed that now till Next year I am booked with guest

Darren Paltrowitz

A great resource whether you are the talent, the booker or both

Keith O. Williams

I would like to send a shoutout to #RadioGuestList ( for the awesome job they are doing bringing podcasters and guests together in one place. Because of this great service, the Osterlid Broadcast and its five podcast series are growing in popularity with guests from all over the world and all walks of life. They bring great stories, and interesting topics, and showcase products and services you cannot find anywhere else.

Thank you!

#thankyou #podcast #OBS #OsterlidBroadcastSection #The Works #HowGreatGodIs #OBSTalkShowPresents #TheAuthorsShowcase #InPrayerwithRevWilliams

Beth Anderson

RGL is an awesome service! I have guests booked on my radio show for the next several months. Thank you for providing such a powerful service!

Monica M. Brinkman

RadioGuestList is a remarkable source in locating diverse guests. The response was outstanding. I highly recommend your site for both those seeking guests and those wishing interviews.

Dr. Robert Rose

I've used Guest List twice. Each time it brought me over 35 terrific guests that has enabled my show to grow from about 5 listeners to about 100 or almost 600 listeners a week. My focus is on CHANGING MINDSETS and each guest has been a significant CHANGE AGENT. Even with a minimum of 5 shows a week I'm still booked two months in advance. Thanks for your help! Dr.Rose

Vince Thompson

First-time podcaster and I found to be a fast and easy format to reach potential podcast guests!

Shone Brown

I love Radio Guest List. I use it a few times and get a ton of high-quality great guests. I have recommended it to other podcasters as well. Amazing service

Genesis Amaris Kemp

Love that this platform gives me another option to find great guests or appear as a guest on other platforms.

Phillip Pearse aka Paranormal Phil

Thank you for your service. It helps me keep my show going with guests especially since my show airs 5 days a week.

Miss Raina

We love using! It has helped us gain some great guests for our show. It's pretty simple to use and it's great that they offer free service for those that might not be able to afford much. I'm going to keep using this service for our show for a long time.

Keith O. Williams

So grateful for this service to be available to everyone who needs it. It's good to hear from people overlooked by traditional media because everyone has a story to tell. Thanks to platforms like this, people can have a voice and a platform to use that voice.

Omar Cumberbatch

This service has enabled me to consistently have guests on a weekly basis. A great way for podcasters to connect with awesome guests!

Karina Kantas

Many thanks for continuing these services to help podcasts and radio shows find guests. We appreciate all that you do.

Mari Mitchell

I love the caliber of guests I am getting from RadioGuestList. This is a wonderful service!

trent johnson


Rebecca L. Mahan

I utilize your service when seeking quality guests for my show and when helping with other shows. Your services extend on so many levels to support successful radio, podcast and tv shows, as well as providing your guest with great opportunities!

Anthony Muiruri

The success of Book Talk show is because of guests I got and continue to get from radioguestlist. Thank you very much for offering us such an important and effective service. More success to you.

Holly berry

Your service works great! We are having great results obtaining guests to interview. Thank you!

Teresa Greco

I was able to find all my guests for my show. It's a great service to use.

Randi-Lee Bowslaugh

This service gave me the confidence to continue with my show as I was scared about finding guests.

John Morgan

Radio Guest list is a great site that we use often and have always found wonderful guests for our show.

Jennifer Vanderslice

Haven't found a better service than for finding guests for my podcast!

Mark M. Bello

Great place to find podcasts looking for guests and guests look for podcasts. Almost every one of my podcast experiences have been located here. And now, because of Radio Guests, I'm starting my own podcast.

kevin mcdonald

This is a great help in keeping my roster full of great guests! I booed as many as 10 per week!

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